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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Robert Griffin III comments from May 26 from Redskins PR

May 26, 2015
Redskins Park

Robert Griffin III  Photo by Moe Murphy
On what improvements he noticed today:
“I think the word of the day from Coach Jay was, ‘Get better.’ Every day, you’ve got to come out and get better. As football players, you get tired of throwing on air, but as some people have told me, you never want to get tired of doing things the right way. So you continue to do it and continue to do it, and then we get out here and we get to get in a competitive environment. No pads and no tackling or anything like that, but at least you’re going against other players and you can see how guys react when someone is actually covering them.”

On having consistency this offseason:
“To have that consistency with your staff and the offense and all those things only helps. It’s been a couple crazy years, and we look forward to making sure that we don’t have that constant change any more.”

On being named the starting quarterback:
“For me, you have got to focus on what you can control. Apparently Jay felt like I was the best option that he had at quarterback, and I’m happy about that. We look forward to working together to help this team and lead this team in the right direction and create this culture change that we know we need to have. It involves being in this room, too, so we want to make sure we improve everything from playing on the field to our relationship with you guys.”

On the birth of his daughter, Reese, and what advice his teammates have offered him:
“It’s been fun. Alfred [Morris] had a son, and we talked and you know they tell you, ‘Hey, you’re not going to get any rest. It’s going to be extremely tiring.’ It’s true, but you have to look at it in a positive way, and for myself and Alfred, we love it. I love the fact that I haven’t had much sleep over the past couple of days and still have to come up here and talk to you guys and practice, so it’s just a special feeling when you can look at a kid and you’re basically looking in the mirror, you’re looking at yourself. That can bring a grown man to tears, so it did.”

On what he emphasized this offseason:
“Work on everything. Like I said, it’s good to have the same offense and the same coaches and work through building that relationship with those guys, so it’s really about that and doing what they ask you to do, working on little things that you know you can do to get better, and being yourself. The one thing you can’t do as a player is lose who you are, and I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

On Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan:
“The guys love him. He’s a very detailed coach. We loved [Chris] Foerster – We miss you, Coach – but Coach Callahan has been awesome and I know those guys will take every bit that they’ve learned from Coach Foerster and every bit that they’re learned from Coach Callahan and apply it to their game. It sucks there’s turnover in the league, but he’s been awesome and we look forward to winning with him.”

On Quarterbacks Coach Matt Cavanaugh:
“He just helps sharpen our focus. It gives us an opportunity to have a guy that has eyes on us all the time, so that’s only a benefit and the more we work with him, I’m sure the better we’ll get.”

On the differences between his rookie season and the past two seasons:
“I could stand up here for 30 minutes and give you that answer, but I’m not going to. Those years have passed, and we look forward to doing more like what we did in ‘12 as far as from a winning standpoint. Now what the offense is and what it’s not going to be, that’s not my decision. We’re all working hard to make sure that we can have the best offense suited for this team. We just want to win, and that’s the main focus.”

Virginia Chargers vs Virginia Vengeance Photo Gallery

PURCELLVILLE, VA- Clarke County Sports staff photographers James and Matt Murphy were on hand at Wolverine Stadium in Purcellville to capture the action of the Chargers 35-12 victory over the Virginia Vengeance in Atlantic Football Association Action.

  For more photo's click Read Full Story link below

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden comments from May 26 from Redskins PR

May 26, 2015
Redskins Park
Photo by James Murphy / Clarke County Sports

On what he learned from his first season:
“I think you never stop learning as a coach. You know, you’re always going to learn something about your team, about yourself. The older you get, the more experience you get, so it was a learning experience last year. I think just knowing the players and the coaching staff around me, I have a better feel for what they can and can’t do and how we need to push their buttons a little bit more effectively to get more out of them. You have to battle, and coaching is getting the most out of your players and trying to figure out what buttons to push and I feel pretty good in that regard in Year 2.”

On the progress of quarterback Robert Griffin III:
“You know, today was his first day and last week – last couple weeks – we were throwing routes versus air. He’s doing fine. We’ll see how it goes. He’s just got to continue to put practice after practice together and show the consistency that we’re looking for.”

On how Griffin has handled the offseason so far:
“Robert’s got great work ethic, No. 1. That’s never been a question, you know? He works extremely hard. So I’m satisfied in that regard. He comes to work every day trying to get better. The rules allow us to do certain things and don’t allow us to do certain things, but he does a lot on his own. He gets himself in physically good condition to get ready to go.”

On if Griffin looks different than he did at the end of the season:
“You know, playing in the same system for the second year, usually the second year you have a little bit more confidence, a little bit more of an air about you that you should show improvement, lots of improvement – hearing the concepts and seeing the plays over and over again and dealing with the pressure and all that good stuff. I think Robert’s going to be fine, it’s just we have high expectations for the quarterback position and Robert in general. We expect significant strides to take place from Year 1 to Year 2.”

On linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, tackle Trent Williams, tight end Jordan Reed and wide receiver DeSean Jackson:
“Ryan [Kerrigan] going to be fine. He just got a scope – clean it out, but he’s going to be ready to roll soon. Trent [Williams] missed his flight out of Houston – it was canceled last night. Jordan Reed is getting checked; he just had a little bit of knee soreness, so we sent him down to get checked for his knee. DeSean is going to miss this week and he’ll be back next week.”

On Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan:
“He is obviously a very good football coach. It’s well documented for what he’s done in his career and what he’s done for offensive line play in general – not just the teams that he’s coached but how he impacted the NFL in general. So he shows a great deal of confidence and a great wisdom amongst his players and expects a lot out of them, works the heck out of them. That’s what I like about him. I like that he’s taken every ounce of energy they’ve got out there. Every time that they have, they’re going to be with Coach Callahan working on something. During special teams period, you see the linemen are down there in the corner grinding. During individual before practice, they’re out there working on their footwork, their fundamentals. He meets with them early. He’s a very demanding coach but it’s something that we need and his presence is being felt already in a positive way.”
On cornerback DeAngelo Hall:
“He’s doing well. He’s coming along very fast from the Achilles surgery. I knew he would be. He’s at a stage of his career where he knows how important preparation is both on and off the field. Physically he’s got to get himself ready to go after that injury and it’s going to take some time but he has shown major, major improvements already and we’re very pleased with where he is right now with the thought of him being ready for training camp is exciting to all of us.”

On quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy:
“Yeah, it’s tough. They’re both good quarterbacks. Right now we don’t have a depth chart for the second and third teams. We’re going to let them split the reps up and go from there and then make a decision come game day. But I would like to see them push Robert and push themselves. I think being a quarterback in the National Football League, it’s your job to not only get yourself better but push the people in front of you. These two guys aren’t going to lie down and just hand the job over.  They’re going to do everything in their power to prove that they are starting-caliber quarterbacks in the National Football League.  Like I said before, they’ve all had a taste of being a starter in the National Football League and they all want it back real bad. So I expect all three of them to compete and make each other better.”

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day from Clarke County Sports

The Clarke County Sports Game of the Week

PURCELLVILLE, VA- The Virginia Chargers have secured home field advantage in the Playoffs with their 35-12 win over the Virginia Vengeance last night at Woodgrove High School.

Former Manassas Park Cougar Michael "Moo" Roberts rushed for 113 yards on 16 carries and scored 4 touchdowns rushing and Brandon Hyler ran for 1 score and was 8 of 15 for 91 yards passing.

Dale Taylor had 2 receptions for 60 yards. Daniel and A.J. Orlebar each had 6 tackles.The

The Virginia Chargers defense had 4 interceptions and a fumble recovery.

The Clarke County Sports game of the Week is written and produced by Moe Murphy with camera operators James and Matt Murphy assisting on the broadcast. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chargers win big, secure home field advantage for the playoffs

Michael "Moo" Roberts scores 4 TD's  Photo by Matt Murphy
PURCELLVILLE, VA- The Virginia Chargers moved to 9-0 and secured home field advantage for the playoffs with their 35 -12 victory over the Virginia Vengeance last night at Wolverine Stadium at Woodgrove High School.

Chargers running back Michael "Moo" Roberts scored 4 touchdowns and quarterback Brandon Hyler went in for the other score. The loss dropped the Vengeance to 7-2 with one regular season game to play.

Chargers QB Brandon Hyler  Photo by James Murphy

The Chargers will host the Maryland Phantom from the AFA Northern Conference next Saturday at 7:00PM at Woodgrove. The Phantom are the other team to defeat the Vengeance.

Below, Roberts and Head Coach Louis Simmons Sr. speak about the game.

The Game of the Week was written and produced by Moe Murphy and James and Matt Murphy assisted with photography and video.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Washington Redskins Rookie Camp Video

ASHBURN, VA- The Washington Redskins held their 2015 Rookie Mini Camp this past weekend at Redskins Park in Ashburn. Clarke County Sports photographer's Moe and James Murphy were on hand to film and photograph this years morning practice.

Below is a taste of the morning session, followed by an interview with former VA Tech Hokie and 6th Round Draft Pick Kyshoen Jarrett.

Clarke County Sports continues to be the Shenandoah Valley's number #1 source for coverage of the Washington Redskins from nearby Redskins Park.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jarrett compares Hokie Nation and Redskin Nation

REDSKINS PARK, Ashurn, VA- Washington Redskins Rookie DB and 6th Round Draft pick Kyshoen Jarrett spoke with Moe Murphy after Saturday Morning's Rookie mini camp practice. The weekend practices were held for all draft picks, invited 1 year veterans and CFA tryouts.

Jarrett a 5'10 200 DB from Tannersville, PA is glad to be a Washington Redskin and is looking forward to getting to work with the coaches and veterans at Redskins Park.

Please check back for more video and photo coverage from photographer James Murphy including Coach Jay Grudens morning press conference.

Clarke County Sports Game of the Week May 9, 2015

BLUEMONT, VA- The Virginia Chargers defeat the Germantown Gladiators 45-7 on a special Mothers Day Weekend edition of the Clarke County Sports Game of the Week. The Chargers moved to 7-0 with the win and defeated the Hanover Rhino's 41-6 last week to move to 8-0.

Michael Roberts rumbles for a score photo by James Murphy
The Game of the week is approximately 15 minutes and has video highlights of the game set to music and an interview with Chargers Head Coach and Co Owner Louis Simmons Sr.

James Murphy staff photographer / videographer of Clarke County Sports assisted with the production of the show.

The Chargers host the Virginia Vengeance who are in second place in the Atlantic Football Associations Southern Conference at 7-1.

Kickoff for this Saturday is 7:00PM at Wolverine Stadium at Woodgrove High School in Purcellville VA.

More info at The Virginia Chargers Official Website